Time Commitment: 8 Strategy Sessions

Investment: $800


Our sustaining client is an entrepreneur that has been on this entrepreneurial journey for quite some time. They want to renovate their current brand and get back in connection with their vision. They desire guidance at this point on where to improve for growth. Their focus is on sustaining and strategizing.

As a Sustaining client…

  • You will receive an initial 90-minute power strategy session.

  • We will explore the 7 elements of a successful business model and determine what areas to improve in your business.

  • Together we will clarify your growth vision and explore your long term and short term goals.

  • We will assess your pricing, revenue and expenses.

  • We will work on monetization! Developing new products and services to freshen up the brand.

  • We will work together on team building and determining ways to be more efficient to build an even greater brand!