3 Month Program: $1350

1 Hour: $150

6 Hours (6 empowerment sessions): $750

8 Hours (8 Empowerment sessions); $1,000


Our Personal Client wants Life & Transformational Coaching. They want to take positive action to improve areas of their life and transform their mindset. Unlocking their ability to tap into the deepest desires of their lives and take action on making it a reality is there focus. This client understands that being right within, growing personally and challenging yourself and your ways will help shift other areas in your life for the better.

As a Personal client…

  • You will receive an initial 90-minute empowerment session.

  • We will focus on the awareness of challenges & obstacles, power moves to move forward to a greater realm of your life & mindset shifting.

  • You will have an accountability partner.

  • You will gain clarity for your life and receive unbiased input of whatever you bring to the table.

  • You will develop greatly personally and have the opportunity to focus ALL ON YOU!