Time Commitment: 90 Mins

Investment: $300


Our Check In Client is running there business great and just simply needs a quarterly check in to ensure they are focused on the appropriate areas that need their attention! They do not need a full coaching program or long commitment but just need a little extra help here and there! They want a mastermind meeting to discuss new business ideas all the way down to financial goals and forecasts! As the year goes on and your business grows, opportunities present themselves and ideas continue to ring in your mind, you will be faced with new and different challenges and decisions.

As a Check In client…

  • You will have an uninterrupted 90 minute Mastermind strategy Session.

  • You will receive a recording of your session and Focus Plan to take away with you.

  • With each quarter of your year, there are particular areas that need attention. Based on where you are in the year we will focus on one of the four:

    • Developing new business ideas/ventures for the year

    • Evaluating new financial goals

    • Personal and business systems to improve your business

    • Year End Review and New Year Prep

  • We will assess your business model and review the 7 elements of a successful business.

  • We will review revenue, expenses and pricing to find areas to improve your bottom line. The goal is to grow earnings and reduce cost!

  • You will develop greatly personally and have the opportunity to focus ALL ON YOU!

Let’s strategize, get unstuck & grow!