“Khalia was the perfect companion I needed to start my business.”
— Keina Newell, Financial Coach

Successful Clients


I have been working with Khalia for about 3 years now and ever since then she has been my saving grace! She has not only helped me to build my brand but she keeps me on track and focused on who I really want to present myself as and what I stand for!

— Anthony Lee, Real estate investor

Khalia helped us put together a comprehensive plan that not only helps us now, but will shape how we make decisions and carry out tasks in the future.

Khalia's coaching took my husband's vision for ministry and translated the vision into bite size tasks - a bread crumb trail of sorts, to help us get to the accomplished goals.

— jay + dionne delaney, Christ covenant fellowship ministry

Khalia was the perfect companion I needed to start my business. She was a consistent source of creativity, encouragement, and prioritization. One thing I learned early one in working with Khalia is that she does her research! This really encouraged me as a business owner and pushed me to do more research on my own - although I'm still working to get on her level!

— keina newell, financial coach + founder of wealth over now

Khalia Deborah has changed my way of thinking and energized me to cultivate my business and position me for success. After working with her, I have been booked every month and been able to control my schedule to fit what is going on in my life!

— kaliah carlton, chef + founder of carlton caterers


Khalia takes me out of my comfort zone. She does more than just

help me with my business, she helps me with my life.

— Kristy lynn purnell, networking strategist

I had never been so invigorated, so charged up! I am typically the one charging others up.

So the fact that she was able to charge me up said a lot!

— nicole doss, ceo + founder of the prestige society