Mercedes Dennis

Owner/CEO of MeDesigns

"Let me start by saying that I knew that Iwould be in love with Khalia's work way before I saw it. It begin with me watching her testimonial journey. The way she got my attention was with the stories she told about her own life and used pictures and words to describe it!

I really enjoyed the day of the shoot! My idea of pictures are catching those natural shots. I realize as a stylist we can hide behind fancy clothes, fancy hair styles and lots of make up but I wantedthis shoot to be more of a connection of sisterhood!

Everyone is doing the other stuff I just wanted to be ME! I knew that hiring Khalia Deborah for this shoot would bring me all that I was looking for and that was natural pictures, lots of fun and great connections! Khalia made all that happen and more! I am forever grateful and for sure looking forward to working with her in the future."


Jamie Gray

-Birthday/Wedding Shoot

"I just want to thank you again for the priceless experience that you made possible for my family and I.

From the moment we spoke on the phone I had a strong feeling that everything would work out just right! The day of the photo shoot is a day that I will never forget a day that you spent with me capturing the many priceless moments of my special 39th birthday wedding attire photo shoot.

Khalia, your calm, passionate and caring spirit filled the air as you worked your camera. Then when I saw my pictures it was confirmation of what I had felt from the start. My pictures are beautiful & the moments captured are priceless! My photo shoot with you turned out PERFECT for me!!! 

Thanks again!"


Evelia Hunter

Owner of MielE Clothing Co(IG:@mieleclothingco) | Residential Community Director @ Delaware Valley University

"On February 22, 2016, Delaware Valley University’s Office of Residence Life and Black Student Union came together to host the “Young, Black and Professional” panel. Panel members were chosen based on their current careers, known entrepreneurial ventures and contributions to their communities. The location was chosen and advertising began. The only piece that was missing was a dynamic and engaging Master or Mistress of Ceremony.

Having known Khalia since college, I was already confident in her skills of speech and engagement. The challenge for the night was to keep the attention of the students who are normally disengaged and to keep conversation moving amongst seven professionals with detailed and powerful stories. Khalia handled the task marvelously. While allowing each panelists to say their piece, Khalia was able to move the conversation in the direction that it needed to go. In instances where the conversation lagged or was moving too fast, she was able to provide input that carried the conversation to new and exciting levels. Her personal anecdotes were timely and filled with relevant information. The students were drawn to her positive energy.

The event was successful, largely because of Khalia’s gifts of speaking and engaging with anyone around her. She is professional, prompt and willing to put in whatever work needs to be done in order to help your event be successful."