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6 Week Founders Program

Retire from daydreaming + make your ideas a reality in just 6 weeks!


  • If you had this vision that had the potential to change the direction of your entire life and those you encounter…

  • When you take the time to get your vision, core values + strategy aligned, along with laying the solid foundational bricks on your idea. There becomes no reason why you cannot make the move to change your life!

That is why I created this 6 week founder program. To help you retire from daydreaming + make that vision a reality! No more small talk or safe faith! It is time to TAKE ACTION!

In these 6 weeks you will:

  1. Develop + clarify your vision + values.

  2. Determine the problem you want to solve with innovation + the impact you want to make.

  3. Build your business model, plan + strategy.

  4. Discuss systems + strategies that bring success to your business + help you feel less burned out.

  5. Determine the right marketing techniques for you.

  6. Create the ultimate action plan to step out to make your vision a reality.

I have seen this program change lives!! WILL YOU BE NEXT?

Your total investment for your 6-week founders program is $899

Here is how we will spend our 6 weeks together:

  • WEEK 0: Introduction + Prep Work

    • Get ready to change your life by prepping yourself + your mindset for what it will take to make this happen!

    • Understand how to get the most out of your coaching sessions over the next 6 weeks.

    • Kick-Off Session!

    • Join the Private Facebook Group + Introduce Yourself to the fellow founders!

  • WEEK 1: Self Evaluation: Craft + clarify your vision + values

    • Go through our evaluation exercise to help you clarify what you are going after + the areas you need to develop in

    • Craft your vision

    • Develop core values

  • WEEK 2: Develop Business Model

    • Learn and understand what a business model is and why it is important to you and your business.

    • Craft the model and plan of how your business will run.

    • Craft a brand message that will stick.

  • WEEK 3: Build your Business Plan + Strategy

    • Learn and understand which type of business plan is right for your business

    • Develop your plan of attack

    • Craft your strategy and how you are going to play to win!

  • WEEK 4: Develop systems + marketing techniques

    • Review the process of your business and determine what systems you need in place to secure income and allow you to work smarter!

    • Determine what marketing techniques will be best for your target audience and business that will allow your strategy and systems to be successful.

  • WEEK 5: Finalize your action plan!

    • During this week we will pull together everything from the previous weeks into your ACTION PLAN!

    • You will have a step by step guide on what you need to do to move forward into the stage of bring your dreams and ideas to life!

  • WEEK 6: Next Steps!

    • Discuss the next steps for you and your business now that you are ready to step out introduce your business to the world!

The Founders Program includes:

  1. 6 weeks of 1-on-1 live coaching, plus a kick-off introduction session

  2. Course content + homework including:

    1. Email marketing outlines

    2. Email scripts + sequences

    3. Media Kit Sample

    4. Brand Style Guide Sample

  3. Private support community of fellow founders and professionals to lean on, network with and gain support from

  4. Step by step guides


Who is this program for?

This program is great for people who are in the below categories:

  • Service based business

  • Product based business

  • Motivational/Inspirational Speaker

  • Ministry

  • Coaches/Consultants'

  • Authors

  • Podcasting

  • Small Business Owners

Make An Impacy-3.png

Keina Newell

Financial Coach. Founder of Wealth Over Now

“I DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK! Khalia helped me accomplish that by building a business that allowed me to work for myself and still enjoy my life! She was the perfect companion I needed to start my business. She was a consistent source of creativity, encouragement, and prioritization. One thing I learned early one in working with Khalia is that she does her research! This really encouraged me as a business owner and pushed me to do more research on my own - although I'm still working to get on her level!

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Khalia and her coaching is authenticity. When looking for a business coach it was essential for me to connect with my coach. I actually spoke to several other coaches before deciding to work to Khalia. Her genuine love her of her work and authenticity made me know she was the answer to my prayer!”


Jay + Dionne Delaney

Christ Covenant Fellowship Ministries

“Khalia helped us put together a comprehensive plan that not only helps us now, but will shape how we make decisions and carry out tasks in the future.

What stood out most was her ability to listen and really hear what a client is saying, interpret and give it back in a way that helps what was said make more sense, a love for seeing people accomplish their dreams and consistent follow through.

Khalia's coaching took my husband's vision for ministry and translated the vision into bite size tasks - a bread crumb trail of sorts, to help us get to the accomplished goals.”

Are you ready to change your life and opportunities for you?

Your total investment for your 6-week founders program is $899