Bringing the dream you have to reality can be a scary thing. Sometimes it can even be very hard to move beyond the visual image in your mind. As the mental image of you stepping into your purpose and living out your potential causes excitement, just wait until that image is no longer a mental vision but something real! Working with people who have amazing visions and the passion to make it happen is beyond awesome. However, seeing the heights they go to after our session reminds me daily of why I am here doing what I do! Click here to find out more!

Personality Portraits

The average "Say Cheese" and stand this way is not what you will get when you experience a session with KD. I think about how I can truly portray your unique personality and characteristics. We talk, laugh, chat about your passions, goals and dreams. As you react to the moments during the session I SHOOT! Along with coaching, I capture you in the moment. I CAPTURE YOUR PERSONALITY!

Lifestyle Portraits

Every person's life involves is full of life changing situations, turning points, huge career steps and defining moments. There is a story behind each one of those moments. Whether you are capturing moments of your growing child, your amazing passion for fashion as you launch you fashion blog, or simply basking in the person you are goal is to capture these moments! Ultimately, these portraits tell stories and go on to inspire and encourage others.