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Our mission is to empower and coach individuals to explore their God-given gifts and creatively, uniquely and with innovation, use those gifts to provide goods and services that will allow them to succeed financially and enable the community in which they serve  flourish . Our life and transformational coaching style encourages our clients to realize that who they are, how they live their lives and their mindsets affect the growth and sustainability of their business and the life they envision for themselves! It is not just about building more businesses, but it is about building more greater leaders who are not afraid to bring about change!


Meet Khalia Deborah

Founder & CEO

Khalia Deborah is a Certified Life and Transformational Coach, holding a B.S. in Business of Accounting & Finance and the mother of two amazing little boys. She is the Founder of Khalia Deborah Coaching, as well as, the leader of the Dreams To Founder Movement! Through 1 on 1 coaching, Workshops, Conferences & empowering speaking, she uses her life, what she has learned and acquired to empower and challenge others to step into a greater realm of their lives that is bigger than themselves.

Khalia not only coaches her clients on how to build up a successful and sustainable business and brand, but she coaches them to have the confidence, courage, skills, and qualities of a leader that will positively impact not only their lives but the community and people they serve. She believes that we were created to create and create for the good of others. Life and business is about SERVING! Khalia is here to help shift mindsets, cultivate valuable relationships & build better leaders that will impact this world in the greatest way possible! During her free time, she mentors college students and serves as a reliable resource and advocate for them. She believes that if we invest in coaching our students through the social, emotional and personal challenges and obstacles they may face in their college years and give them some real-life resources they need in addition to education, we can help build greater leaders, business owners, mothers, fathers and ultimately change the world around us! It is more than just about helping the next person become the next influencer, viral sensation or make 1 million in 30 days. It is about building people and businesses that care and serve those around them and in turn start to change the trajectory of the world around us. Whether it is life coaching, speaking to a mass of people, helping someone build their business or simply talking to a stranger she just met, Khalia is set on her mission to inspire, empower, educate and help others and evoke some great change!


Life Solutions For You…

KDC offers life coaching that is designed to focus 100% on you. Our goal is to figure out where you are in your life now, where you want to be and evaluate the gap! You will gain clarity and take back control of your life!


Business Solutions For You…

KDC offers business coaching that is designed to help you retire from daydreaming and create the blueprint to make your ideas and dreams a reality. You will clarify your vision, develop your solution and craft your action plan to execute!

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Dreams To Founder Podcast

The Dreams To Founder Podcast is committed to providing knowledge, wisdom, strategies, resources, experiences, empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration that will get you out of your head and taking action! The Dreams to Founder podcast is here to help you retire from dreaming and become the founder of the life you have always envisioned for yourself! Listen, subscribe and review on iTunes, Google and Spotify!

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Keina Newell

Financial Coach + Founder, Wealth Over Now

Khalia was the perfect companion I needed to start my business. She was a consistent source of creativity, encouragement, and prioritization. One thing I learned early one in working with Khalia is that she does her research! This really encouraged me as a business owner and pushed me to do more research on my own - although I'm still working to get on her level!

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Khalia and her coaching is authenticity. When looking for a business coach it was essential for me to connect with my coach. I actually spoke to several other coaches before deciding to work to Khalia. Her genuine love her of her work and authenticity made me know she was the answer to my prayer!


Jay + Dionne Delaney

Christ Covenant Fellowship Ministries

Khalia helped us put together a comprehensive plan that not only helps us now, but will shape how we make decisions and carry out tasks in the future.

What stood out most was her ability to listen and really hear what a client is saying, interpret and give it back in a way that helps what was said make more sense, a love for seeing people accomplish their dreams and consistent follow through.

Khalia's coaching took my husband's vision for ministry and translated the vision into bite size tasks - a bread crumb trail of sorts, to help us get to the accomplished goals.


Ivri Daniels

Certified Event Planner + Founder, Imbracing Details

Having Khalia as my coach has been such a great experience! Working with her has given me the needed push to level up!

Her resourcefulness, compassion and her being straight forwardness are attributes that were key for me during the process.

I have achieved the goals I set for myself and have determined the goals needed to complete my vision for the future!

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Follow along with me as I share my life and business and provide tips, resources and opportunities!



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