The Power of Motherhood

Khalia Deborah Photography

Khalia Deborah Photography

I got a message back in June from a mother of a beautiful baby girl. Her name was Briannah & She wanted to book a photo session with me, but not your typical photo shoot. 

As I read her message explaining her purpose behind her photo shoot, I instantly got excited and wanted to reply YES, before even finishing the full message.

This amazing mother has such a powerful story and wanted to embrace her mommy marks on her body. She wanted to showcase how motherhood has changed her body. Briannah wanted a visual representation to show how she loves every single stretch mark & extra inch of change that came along with giving life to her amazing little girl!

Khalia Deborah Photography

Khalia Deborah Photography

So often, women go through a great deal of self-esteem issues due to the way their bodies have stretched & changed post pregnancy. Most of the time in ways that may not be too favorable in our eyes. We may not feel as beautiful or attractive as we once did on the outside...but that is far from what is actually true! If anything...we are 10x more amazing and gorgeous NOW!

The power that comes from Motherhood exudes a certain kind of glow & confidence that cannot be found just anywhere!
— Khalia Deborah



The trick to feeling & living in this power & confidence of motherhood is that you have to embrace it! By embrace, I mean you have to ACCEPT YOU...BE & LOVE WHO YOUR ARE TODAY, RIGHT NOW IN THIS STAGE OF YOUR LIFE!

The same way your body has stretched, left little marks & changed your appearance...REMEMBER THAT GOD STRETCHES US THE SAME! He stretches us mentally, spiritually, as well as, physically in order to change our lives for the greater! This stretch that he performs in our lives will leave beautiful marks of wisdom that will INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE & EMPOWER  others that we come in contact with along our journey.

Briannah's goal with this Motherhood shoot with me was to help spread the word of confidence post pregnancy. I applaud Briannah for her beautiful confidence & amazing story!

"Just as she is embracing her story, her journey, who she is & tapping into her POWER OF MOTHERHOOD...I encourage you to do the same!"


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