Too often people do not share their stories because of being ashamed, embarrassed or scared. There are times even when people believe that their story is not impactful enough. 

Well I can relate to all of that. I at one point did not want to tell my story because I just simply felt like who cares. I did not feel that my story would encourage or inspire others, so I would just leave it up to others who I felt had way more to offer. 

Regardless of how I felt, God had other plans and my story is doing the exact opposite of what I imagined. 

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017 I got a chance to be a guest on The "Sisters Speak Lyfe" show. The theme was Stepping up and Using your Gift! I spent an hour laughing and chatting with Susie and Zoe and just sharing my story, my way! We got a chance to interact with viewers and listeners and help inspire and encourage them in different areas. 

Zoe, Khalia & Susie

Zoe, Khalia & Susie

Even though Susie and Zoe told me countless times that evening how much of an inspiration and encouragement I am, I couldn't help but think about how much being there encouraged me. The feedback from the viewers and listeners, the words from Susie and Zoe and the support of my family right there with me was amazing. A huge reminder that even though I am not perfect I am worthy and more than enough to impact and fulfill what God needs me to in this life!

“...Even though I AM NOT PERFECT I am WORHTY and MORE THAN ENOUGH to impact and fulfill what God needs me to in this life!”

When asked "WHO IS KHALIA DEBORAH", I thought about how I used to answer this question. My answer used to sound something like...

"My name is Khalia. I hold a degree in Accounting and Finance and work at blah blah blah..."

I think you get the point. It was very elevator speechy! However, the only problem was that I wasn't telling anything about who Khalia was. I was just defining myself by my accomplishments. 

Not until I was truly faced with Who I was not, did I realize what really defined me and who I was. I, Khalia Deborah, am STRONG, IMPACTFUL AND DETERMINED. Those were all things that had negative associations to me at one point. I didn't feel strong enough to deal with the blows and challenges of the world and in no way shape or form did I feel worthy enough to impact anyone. But with the pull and tug of the big guy upstairs, I became determined enough to be everything I told myself and even others told me I was not. 

So I challenge you to find three words that tell who you are. Three words that give the world some idea behind who you are instead of the titles you carry.

If you would like to catch last night's "Sisters Speak Lyfe" show feel free to click play and watch below! BE ENCOURAGED!