Mental Health is the New Black

Whether you are a fashion guru or you are just simply someone who loves to look good in your clothing, I am sure that you can name one or more benefits that wearing the color black has in your fashion life! One of the biggest benefits that is probably at the forefront of everyone's mind is the fact that the color black helps your body shape look slimmer.

Well, the same way we put thought into and realize how good black makes us look, one of my clients made me realize just how amazing therapy is for my life and the glow it adds to my slayage!! She goes by the name of Jaynay Chanel Johnson, MAMFT! Jaynay is an amazing Teen Therapist that I had the pleasure of having a photo session with. Her purpose is to help this generation's teenagers, as well as, their families rewrite how the challenges of life shape them. She keeps it real and stays true to who she is in the process of it all. With everything she takes on she even slays with her style! Whether it is a hot popping lip or a pink shoe...she slays!

Once Jaynay helped me get connected to the therapist that I have now, I learned three huge reasons why mental health is crucially important and is in fact THE NEW BLACK!

  1. When wearing black, I never have to worry about matching.
    1. Having a therapist that I can go to when needed helps me get in the right mindset of who I truly am and believing it. My therapist helps me drop the desire to "match" or compare myself and my life to the people and things of this world. I am a photographer and in today's time it almost feels like there is no substance needed to call yourself a photographer. So I, at times, found myself comparing and trying to match up my work with others that I felt had a bigger clientele book. Well, one thing that my therapist coached me on is having a strong positive mental perception of myself and my purpose! My purpose, my clientele and why I do what I do is different than many, so I need to stop worrying about "matching" and comparing and own the lane God created just for me!
  2. When wearing black, it works for every season.
    1. No matter what season I am going through in my life I know that I have that relationship with my therapist where I will be guided and coached through the tough spots of those seasons. Marriage, parenthood, heartbreak, school, and the list goes on. No matter the situation or season, my therapist uses her skills and knowledge to make sure I am staying in the right positive mental state to be the best me in whatever season this life has me in. 
  3. When wearing black, it compliments my body so well.
    1. Just as everyone knows, black slims out and is flattering on our bodies. Well guess what, SO IS MENTAL HEALTH!! Taking the time to take care of your mental changes how you do life. It changes your perspective, changes how you handle situations and changes the toll you let challenges take on your life. In return, you become more responsible over your health. You have the possibility of gaining more energy and motivation to exercise, practice self-care and simply smile more!

Jaynay probably saw our session as just a photo shoot she scheduled with me and I was doing a service for her. However, just simply getting to know her and the moments we got to connect, whether it was for 5 minutes or an hour, has encouraged me to lock down my amazing therapist I have today. I've been able to mentally get some things in order, better communicate in my relationship, cut off what is not beneficial to me with no regret, grow in my motherhood and even run my business differently. defines the color black as AUTHORITATIVE, POWERFUL, EVOKES STRONG EMOTION AND SOPHISTICATION! 

I find all of those words to connect truly to how I feel when I wear black. Moreover, I find those words very fitting to how I feel as I grow and progress in my mental health journey with my therapist.


Photo Nov 17, 8 08 33 AM.jpg

Thank you Jaynay for helping me realize some great benefits in regards to taking control of my mental health! Check out more about Jaynay and order her book "Dear Teen Self" by CLICKING HERE!

Yours Truly,