A Self Love Reminder featuring Ivri Daniels

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This past weekend I got a chance to have a photo session with an amazing woman that I met last year by the name of Ivri Daniels. Ivri owns an Event Decor company she calls Imbracing Details. She reached out to me last year in 2016 for a couple branding sessions to help build her company's stock photos. It was always cool to see her take the vision for her client's event and make it a reality. Just by looking at her work, you can tell that she pays attention to every single intricate detail.

As the Event Designer, you are there before the event starts, typically disappears while the event takes place & returns at the end to collect any decor that stays in your inventory. With this being the case, you rarely every get to see the creative face behind all the beautiful work. 

Well, the session we had this past weekend was the opportunity to showcase to the world that creative face behind the Imbracing Details brand! Ivri took the time out to step in front of curtain  and embrace the woman she is steadily evolving into. We captured her in such a beautiful, playful, yet still professional manner! This was so much more than just letting the world see the face behind the brand, this was a SELF LOVE MOVEMENT!

Ivri spends her creative time and mind space making the vision of others a reality and it was amazing to step back and capture her bringing her own vision of herself to reality. Having the focus be on her, dressing up and feeling just as beautiful as she is was something amazing to be apart of. 

Even though all the focus was on Ivri, the way she embraced who she was in the photos I captured was truly encouraging. I was inspired to want to take more intentional time every once in a while to do something for myself that focuses purely on me. Something that proves my insecurities wrong, makes me feel just as beautiful as I am even when I don't feel so. Something that reminds me just how awesome I am as the woman I am!

Thank you Ivri for booking me to capture you at a great time in your life. Thank you for reminding me that self love and self care is not selfish but very much so ESSENTIAL!

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Yours Truly,