It is time to retire from dreaming & become the founder of the life you envision for yourself!



I love doing one on one coaching, however, I have seen the power of people coming together & the results are life-changing. I want to create the space where people who are entrepreneurs, professionals in the corporate world and even those in between, could come and be empowered. I want to help perfect visions and craft the goals to make those visions a reality! Along with the goals, I want them to walk away with power moves they can start making NOW! However, as people embark of their journey of stepping into greater realms of themselves, it may come with growing in personal areas of  their lives. I have went through transformations that had to occur in order for me to fully walk in my purpose and get on the path to making my vision for my life a reality. As a Certified Life & Transformational Coach, I am here to also coach others through mindset shifts, personal weaknesses and the confidence to stand firm in their purpose!

Dreams To Founder...

is a movement led by Khalia Deborah. We are committed to creating a space for entrepreneurs, those in the corporate world to grow and students, provide business, life & transformational coaching and resources to move forward toward making the visions for your life a reality. Overall we are here to help others go from dreamers to founders and making moves in life that are greater than themselves! So from workshops to conferences to so much more...Dreams To Founder is here to build, connect & grow!


Whether you are fresh to the entrepreneurship world, have a developed business or a student wanting life + transformational support, WE WANT TO HAVE YOUR BACK!


2018 Dreams To Founder Workshop

The first Dreams to Founder Workshop was a major success! In November of 2018 we got 50 women in a room and created a space and resources to get ignited about their life and taking action!

Our Attendees walked away:

  • With a well crafted vision for their life and next steps!

  • With long term and short term goals that will make that vision a reality!

  • With action steps they can take now to move them in the direction of their vision!

  • With a strategy plan to build their network, develop valuable relationships & the steps to lock in a mentor!

  • With personal development skills that will not only impact their personal life but allow them to be better leaders in various areas of their life!

Thank you to our sponsors and team for making this an afternoon to remember for so many!

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The Dreams To Founder podcast is hosted by Khalia Deborah + features powerful and change driven guests from time to time! I want to bring you business ideas, strategies, tips, tools, interviews with dope people, encouragement and inspiration! 

As a certified Life & Transformational Coach and holding a BS in Business of Accounting & Finance, this podcast is committed to providing knowledge, wisdom, strategies, resources, experiences, empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration that will get you out of your head and taking action! The Dreams to Founder podcast is here to help you retire from dreaming and become the founder of the life you have always envisioned for yourself! From Life Coaching, Transforming Mindsets to Business we are coming to you with weekly episodes!

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